Headspin Beanies

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Practice your headspin The reason breakers wear headspin hats is because it makes training your moves a little more comfortable. For example, the mesh on the headspin cap makes spinning easier. Also, since the beanie is made from soft material, the floor won’t feel as hard when training your headspin. For different head moves, such as ‘Halo’, the use of a headspin hat isn’t  such a bad idea. Since this breakdance move uses the side of ones head, wearing a headspin beanie covers most of this area. Dance with Style A big part of breaking is the way you express yourself. Dressing in style makes you able to express yourself and feel more comfortable. Confidense is key when dancing in battles. When a bboy or bgirl wears a cap or hat, he or she can use it to express more style. Thats why, wearing a headspin beanie, can add to you style and not necessarily mean you have to throw headspins or other similar moves. Bboying, breakdance or Breaking? Breakdance has been having a lot of media attention lately. Because breaking has been added as a sport in the 2020 olympics there has been a lot of discussion about the name. Breakdance, breaking, bboying.. which is the correct one. If you ask us, it should be called Breaking. Our culture is more then just a dance, it’s a lifestyle. Meaning, clothing and style is a big part of communicating what we stand for. And what’s more ‘Breaking’ then a headspin beanie, hat or cap? Wear it with pride and show the world what breaking is all about!