Headspin Beanie

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High quality headspin beanie for breakdancing. One size fits all, this includes kids sizes! Headspin Beanies handmade in The Netherlands. Raw products are carefully selected to assure the highest quality and great endurance. We all love dancing! However, most dancers also pay attention to their looks. That’s how we came up with one of the tthree important reasons to wear a high quality headspin beanie. The infamous Bboy bald spot Who doesn’t know a bboy that has that nasty thinly haired spot on the top of their head. Perhaps, you are that bboy. Wearing a headspin beanie prevents this from happening or at the very least, decelerates the balding process. Reason two to be wearing head protection is safety. Protect your precious head from uneven or rugged floors so that you don’t end up getting hurt. Last, but definitely not least. Reason three. Headspinbeanies help improve your headspins and other head moves. Our handmade beanies have been carefully manufactured in The Netherlands to make sure there’s a smooth transfer from beanie to mesh material. No annoying edges or bulky stitches. Smooth all around. There’s no padding on the beanie whatsoever, on purpose! This makes for better control over your headspins, halo’s and all the other crazy moves you are about to do. For more detailed information about our product please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you might have!